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Before we start working on your projects, our team gives a listening ear to ideas you have in mind. We don't just jump to our ideas. We work with yours and bring out the best!
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Excellent Result
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Competitive Pricing

We work with your budget and give you a price you can't just let go! We charge as low as N500 for the services we render!

Growth Strategy

Change as widely said is the only constant thing in life! There are numerous strategies we can take to make your business grow. We are just waiting for your call.

Quality Service

Over 99 clients have testified to the fact that we render top-notch services. The type your business solely needs!

Quick Delivery

We are time conscious! We hate keeping you in the waiting room. We deliver projects given to us on time.

24/7 Support

We are ready to help you monitor all finished project and give answers to your questions. We are just a call away. Active online 24 hours in a day!

Easy To Use

Projects such as web sites and mobile apps are deigned in a such away that you can easy make configurations yourself. Excellent UI!

Our Story

“Iszysax Media was founded in the year 2017 as a Mobile data vendor firm. As time went by, we understood that the grind is real and only gets harder but we can press on knowing that it’s not the fight on the horizon that defines us, its the fight inside us. We (Founding members) went on a break, took advanced digital courses and exams and after successful completion, we reignited Iszysax Media¬†¬†as a diversified digital agency with experts, in Web development, Graphics Design, Mobile App development and Digital Marketing!
In the last 3 years, we expanded our workforce to over 15 personnel passionate about the success of your business.”
_Fasasi Israel (C.E.O/Lead Developer)

We’ve being able to develop vital platforms owned and operated by us which helps mankind in his day-to-day activities.
Here is a list of them:

  • Iszy Mall | One of the finest online shopping Malls in Africa. A multi-Vendor platform where vendors easily sell their products without any hassle and customers get their products without any delay!
  • Itelly | An android app telly where you can watch movies, comedy skits, watch live programs, news e.t.c and place adverts!
  • Iszy News | As the suffix implies, its a news site where you can catch up with day-to-day updates around the world!
  • Kerdos Investment | This is a financial platform where you can invest and and earn up to 20% monthly, save and earn up 10% and send money to friends and family all over the world!

Our norm

Do you believe in success? Oh! seems everyone wants to be a successful business owner!
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Graphic Design

Our designs breathe. They do the talking for you. Just narrate what you have in mind and we'll convert it to something professional.

Web Design

Do you want a website that would showcase your business online? An e-Office? An educational learning system? A blog? e-commerce system? e.t.c You are in the right place. Send us a message now!

Android App Development

Need a mobile app to accomplish a goal? No stress! You are at the right office. Let's have a detailed discussion on what you want.

Digital Marketing

Your business needs traffic and more conversions? Your event, articles, music, videos needs promotion? We have a special team ready to give you the best at that.


One of the most important feature about any brand is uniqueness. It applies both physically and online. Take a bold step to give your brand a better look. Get your brand's T-Shirt, ID Cards, Pro Social Media Handles, Envelopes, e.t.c


Have you gotten pissed off recently about your brand's slow progress in the digital world? Do you need any information on what you can implement to make you brand a better one? Send us a message! We have a lot to show you.
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    Perfect is the word!

    I really enjoyed Iszysax Media's services. The websites, mobile app and logo created for my brand were perfect! Kudos. Keep the good work on!


    Olufemi Idowu

    CEO, Farm Diary News

    Wow! This beautiful!

    On the first trial, I loved your service. The passion you have for what your doing is beyond measures. "Wow! This is beautiful!" were the first words I said to compliment the design done for my brand. Thank You!



    CEO, Arewahairs